WE HAVE SUSPENDED DONATIONS THROUGH STRIPE WHILE WE INVESTIGATE POSSIBLE FRAUD TRANSACTIONS BEING ATTEMPTED THROUGH THEIR PORTAL. assured us that they protect against fruad, however they have multiple times allowed a fraudulent donation to occur; charging us a fee both to accept, and once we realize it’s fraud, to refund it also charges an additional fee. This results in and various credit card companies profiting twice off of each fraudulent transaction that succeeds. Because of this fact, and since we have already had some small fraudulent transactions, we ask that you please make your donations through paypal at the link below.

Paypal will suggest that you make an account with them, but there is no need to do so. You can select use credit/debit instead and make a one time donation. There is also a way to setup automatic monthly donations if that is convenient. Stripe made it easier to process the donation, but as a result that made it easier to run stolen cards repeatedly on our site until one goes through, charging us a fee when we accept it and when we reverse it.

We still pay a fee using PayPal, if you use credit or debit. However, the fee is reduced since we are a non profit organization.

No matter what, you entire contribution is tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt via your email.