I’m still hung up on forgiveness

Do we have any concept of the magnitude of God’s forgiveness?  I continue to be overwhelmed with the depth of His forgiveness.

I struggle constantly with bringing my life into, not obedience, but the image of my Lord.  That is my desire, to be the image that He has created me to be.

I can not do that in and of myself.  I can only yield my self to my Lord. He does everything else.  But, darn, I keep getting in my way. I think this would work better, or this should be handled like this.  Or I respond in a manner totally not like God.

My Lord is so good to take me back when I come to Him and ask forgiveness.  There is no lecture or, consequences, just forgiveness. And He picks me up and stands me on my feet and we start again.

Which isn’t to say that I don’t have to deal with the consequences of my actions in this world, or that I won’t feel remorse and regret; that comes from this world and our human bodies.

But not from our Lord.  No, His forgiveness is complete and the sin is forgotten no matter how many times we bring it to Him.

And this, friend, is the forgiveness we should try to extend to others.

How wonderful, how marvelous is my Savior’s love for me.

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