Forgiveness, once and done?

Yes and No

Yes, your sins are forgiven, past present and future. Your soul Has been washed whiter than snow, and God remembers them no more.

BUT, your recognition of your sin needs to be confessed.  Over and over again.  Not to protect your salvation; that is once and done, but to acknowledge your continued sin as the Holy Spirit continues to make your outward life better.

Remember I said way back That God meets you where you are, but He wants more for you?  He wants to make you better?  That’s where the ‘no’ comes in.

When we give our lives to God our eyes are opened to the person we now want to become.  We ARE a Christian, but we become better. It’s our continued sin that we recognize and confess before our Lord. It’s the admission that we failed AGAIN that we take to the Father and cry out for forgiveness.  

It’s the outer person that cries for forgiveness over and over. Ever acknowledging our inability to remain sinless.

It’s God’s grace that forgives that sin over and over.

I say it again: Oh the joy of forgiveness

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