Oh, the joy of forgiveness!

I have heard the story of forgiveness so many times, you’d think it would become old hat, but it does not! Every time I hear it. New facets of this glorious truth are revealed to me .

Pastor Rex spoke of the person we thought would never sin, brought I to mind Billy Graham.  Do you know he was a sinner just like you and me? Oh, you’d never know it and neither would I.  But God did.

The sin Billy Graham bore and the sin that the worst criminal bears weigh the same! There is no difference. At one time Billy Graham was crushed beneath the weight of sin to the point of death.  It took the same amount of forgiveness to save him as it would that criminal.

I can’t think of anything worse than being buried alive. Yet that is what I was.  Okay, I was a seven year old girl when I gave my heart to the Lord. But the weight of my sin was the same.  I didn’t realize the magnitude of my salvation until decades later and the analogy of being buried beneath the load of sin and being brought back to life with a huge breath of fresh air was amazing to me.

Something just came to me. Even though I was only seven, the weight of my sin was equal to every sin that I had ever committed up to that point AND every sin that I would ever commit for the rest of my life! Sins that I am still committing.

Oh, the joy of forgiveness

More tomorrow…. If it comes.

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