Living for God’s glory

Please, please hear me.  All of these things don’t happen overnight!  Remember I said God takes you where you are and makes you better? Remember I said it is a process? Like a baby being formed in the womb, it takes time to develop.  The eyes are being formed at the same time as the heart and brain, but it all takes time.

And it is God’s time, not anyone else’s.

The END result of giving your life to God is living for His glory.  I was a Christian for 50 years before I made the conscious decision to surrender my whole life to God. That it was all for Him.

From the first realization that you are a sinner and you need to do something about it, things START to change.  The things I have described do happen, but it can be a slow process.

A word to us old time Christians.  We want to see new Christians become ‘old Christians’ immediately.  That is our problem and we are hindering new Christians!  We see the outer actions, we know they don’t bring glory to God, but it is NOT our job to bring about that change!  We come alongside and love the new Christian and teach them and let God do the rest. In His time.

Now I’ll get off my soap box.  I’ve been holding all this in for years. I never had any one to say all this to. 

My original plan was to post comments on Pastor Rex’s sermons.  Now that I’ve gotten them all transferred over to this site I can do that.  I am still working to get them in consequential order. 

So I’ll post more tomorrow… if it comes

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