New accountability, New direction

Okay, so we don’t just pray for more toys.  Now we have a new reason to live.  Now we live to please the Lord, according to His plan for our life.  So how do we pray?  What do we pray for?

One thing we can pray for is to know our Lord better, to have a deeper relationship with Him.  OH, so now I become a saint;  some kind of angel on a cloud with a harp. No, you are still you with the same life and the same circumstances, only now you’re not living it alone.  Remember the Holy Spirit living inside you?   Another verse in the Bible, Romans 8: 26 says helps us to pray when we don’t know how to pray.  Maybe He’ll put thoughts in your head.  Maybe your heart will be filled with praise and worship even if you’re not at church.  One thing He will definitely do is let you know of your sin so you can quick ask for forgiveness to keep a growing relationship with the Father.  When you let the Holy Spirit guide your prayers, they become very different.  Maybe you will start to pray for others and their salvation.  Or for guidance with how to live or make decisions.

With the Holy Spirit guiding you, you will pray for things is Jesus’ name for the Father’s glory.

More thoughts tomorrow….. if it comes

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