Holy Spirit?

Caught that did you?

(God, The Father), (Jesus, The Son), The Holy Spirit.  = God   An equation that is much more complicated than our human pea brains can conceive of.  So, I won’t try.  It’s one of those things we just have to accept.

God loves you just as you are. Jesus forgave your past, present and future sins. The Holy Spirit enters your heart.  That’s the starting point. 

Things happen inside you when you sincerely give your life to God.

 You know God loves you and wants a relationship with you.

Jesus forgives your sin

The Holy Spirit moves into your heart and enables that relationship God wants with you!

You may want a relationship with God, but only the Holy Spirit can change your heart to enable that relationship.  You might say you get a new conscience.  You start hearing a new voice inside your head.

The Holy Spirit can direct your thoughts to go in ways you have never gone before. Thus a new relationship. New desires start to form.  You see the Bible differently.  That saga I was talking about.

I think I need to end here.  More on that Tomorrow….. If it comes

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