So, fine, how do I do that?

I’ll say this once. The Bible never says you HAVE to go to church.

   But you are on a church site, so I assume you know that church is where Christians grow together.

Yeah yeah, I’ve heard all the excuses about how church is full of hypocrites and liars, and how churches just want to control you or want your money.  They want to fill you with their lies.  There are churches out there that fit that description. I won’t deny it.  Since all humans are sinners and churches are made up of humans, including you, then all churches are indeed filled with sinners. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Does that make churches bad? I don’t think so.

 Can you grow all by yourself? Can you grow just by reading the Bible and listening to the Holy Spirit?  Well, yeah, about the same way you can learn to speak a language from a book without ever speaking it with anyone else.

Imperfect people, who want to learn more about how to live a Christian life, gather together to figure out how to do that.  In my opinion that is church.  Be it in a building with a cross on it or a hotel room where two people are having a heart to heart discussion.

Christians learn to live the Christian life from other Christians. I honestly believe Boistfort Community Church is that kind of church.

More on that tomorrow…. If it comes

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