So now we are Christians, what happens next?

So now we are Christians, what happens next?

These days the identification ‘Christian’ is kind of negative.  But dog gone it I’m proud to be a Christian, one who patterns my life after Jesus.  Call me a ‘Christ follower’ if you like but I was a Christian first and Christ follower is just a cover title for Christian.  So, drop the game and call me a Christian!

This is where the growing begins. Becoming a Christian is kind of like getting married.  You give your heart to God, accept Jesus’ forgiveness; that’s the easy part. Now you learn what it is ti live the Christian life.

I have told my kids from the beginning that being a Christian isn’t a ‘religion’, it is a relationship.  A ‘religion’ is a set of beliefs concocted by man.  It has rules and that baaad word, ‘doctrine’.

A relationship with God is a growing thing.  Again, like a marriage where now that you guys have to live together, you have to get to know each other in an ever-deepening manner.  You read the Bible with different understanding; It’s not just a set of restricting rules, but a whole new awakening saga of a God who loves you and wants His best for your life.

So, fine how do I do that?

More on that tomorrow….. if it comes

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  1. While I believe there is nothing wrong with being proud to be a Christian, you are right about there being a negative vibe attached to the name right now. Lucky for us salvation is not attached to what we call ourselves; be it Christian or Christ follower, potato potahto.
    I also agree with the relationship and not a religion part, every walk with the Lord is unique and personal just like a marriage. There is no one walk fits all, however, there are rules that apply.

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