Can you believe the Bible

Again, since you are on a Church website, I’m going to assume you have some ideas about the Bible:

Did you know:

There are hundreds of original copies of the book of Isaiah and they all agree? These copies are all hand written and you would think that some would have some form of the scribes’ opinion, but no they all say the same thing.

There are hundreds of prophesies in the Bible and with the exception of prophesies that are yet future, ALL HAVE BEEN FULFILLED! 

From beginning to end, over hundreds of years, with many different writers the theme is the same. God created the world and all that surrounds it; He knows exactly what is going on in the world and He has an endgame in store.  You will find this theme written in the Prophets and on through John and Revelation. Again, written over hundreds of years with different writers and the theme remains the same!

  Okay, the Bible is true and is to believed. What does that have to do with the problem of sin?

The Bible says we’re all sinners, but God wants a relationship with us. Since God cannot abide unrighteousness, He has to deal with the sin issue.  We can go deeper if you want to, but the upshot is that He sent Jesus to die or our sins and if we accept that death to cover our sins, we can have a relationship with Him and our sins are dealt with.

So now we are Christians what happens next?

More on that tomorrow. If it comes…..

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  1. I definitely agree with you. I’ve always found it oddly funny when other denominations required more, why complicate something God already took care of? There are maaany reasons for this; but I think, as humans, we often convince ourselves thats not enough. We sometimes think we did something so bad, we need to do more as penance punishment to fit the crime if you will.
    Even as Christians, we can sometimes forget it really is that simple; that you are already forgiven. That does not mean you are exempt from the consequences of human law for whatever was committed, God never said that, What God did was make it so the sin did not condemn your soul if you have already committed yourself to him.

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