What can we do?

Well, that depends on which standard you choose to use. If you choose the world’s standard, you shine me on and continue to think only Murderers, robbers, kidnappers and human traffickers are sinners.
But since you are on a church site, I would imagine you are more inclined to pay attention to God’s standard. Good. BUT! That’s the standard that is impossible to meet. And if that’s the case we’re doomed! Yes, we are.
It’s worse than that. According to the Bible, God cannot abide unrighteousness. Sin is unrighteousness. So, unless we meet this impossible standard, we are banished to an eternity without God. Oh, what the Bible has to say about Hell. You don’t want to know.
The Bible says “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved”.

But can you believe the Bible?

More on that tomorrow…..if it comes

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