What is a sinner?

What is a sinner?

Well, it’s them, of course, it’s not me.  Sinners are the ‘bad’ people.  Murderers, robbers, kidnappers, people into human trafficking.  They are sinners.

So then, is it a sin to steal a pin?  If you tell your friend her dress doesn’t make her look big, is that a sin?

It depends on whose standard you use.  By the world’s standard, no. Only the afore mentioned ‘them’ are sinners.  By God’s standard, if you even think something (road rage) you’re guilty.  Pretty big difference, huh?

But which standard is right?  If you believe the Bible, God’s standard, of course, which makes us all sinners. I mean really, who hasn’t been glad that other people can’t read our minds?  God’s standard is so high that NO ONE can meet them.

So, what can we do?

More on that tomorrow…. If there is one

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