Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day together!

Using guidelines for public worship published this week by our governor’s office, Boistfort Community Church will be hosting a safe, “socially distanced” worship service in our parking lot at 10:30 AM this Sunday, Mother’s Day!
We are inviting all in our community that wish to worship together to come to the church, park your cars as you are directed at least 6′ apart (widthwise, so you can open your windows safely) and stay in your car. We will have a portable PA sound system along the north edge of the parking lot. We plan to sing, worship, hear the Word of God and enjoy the sunshine (y’all might want to pray for that…).
If you feel at risk in any way by doing this, you are welcome to continue to “shelter in place” at home. We also plan to record at least the preaching for FaceBook broadcasting. 
We are truly trying to “play by the rules” without allowing this pandemic to rule us! Thanks for your cooperation with the guidelines, stay well and Happy Mothers Day!
Pastor Rex

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  1. It was nice to be together! Hard to hear even with the Mic but I don’t hear as well these days… If we do it again we need more music maybe start at 10 and have 1/2 hr. Of music first for those who love to SIng? Thank you all for your hard work & expertise in making things happen.

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